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E-mail Solution

Secure, Scalable, Reliable Email Hosting

If your business depends on email, you may consider outsourcing this service to an email hosting provider. In short, an email hosting provider is a company that specializes in email so you don’t have to worry about managing and maintaining a mail server. There are many reasons to consider  outsourcing your organization’s email versus keeping it in-house. Not only can outsourcing save  time and money, it can also offer greater security and reliability. For both small business  owners and IT managers at the corporate level, moving to an outsourced solution places the   responsibility of maintaining and managing the email infrastructure in the hands of a trusted  hosting partner.

We provide spam free email & anti virus protection solution in mumbai , india. Our mail servers block all spams & viruses. We remove all junk mails from your inbox. We give quality Business email hosting & content filtering from our mail servers.

SecureNet offers a fully managed email hosting solution and provides enterprise class  reliability. Our infrastructure has been designed for optimal email service and security. We use  server clustering and raid array technologies to minimize points of failure. SecureNet’s email  platform is highly scalable allowing you to host 50 email accounts or thousands of mailboxes. Our  plans include:

Domain Hosting : Email at your company’s domain
Flexible Storage : Allocate storage limits to your accounts or set accounts to unlimited
Virus Protection : Managed virus scanning for all incoming and outgoing email
Spam Control : Customizable spam filtering and training
Email Forwarding : Forward messages from accounts on your server to other accounts
Autoresponders : Set up autoresponders and vacation messages to reply to incoming mail
POP3 and IMAP4 : Configure your accounts as POP3 or IMAP using your preferred mail client or webmail
SMTP Authentication : Outgoing messages require SMTP Authentication
Secure Client Connectivity : Establish SSL POP3, IMAP and SMTP connections in mail client  applications

Outsourcing your company’s email means finding an email hosting partner you can trust.
SecureNet  ensures secure, scalable and reliable email service. Find out what we can do for you.

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