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Data Center

Aryawebs Virtual Data Center has redundant bandwidth connections to the Internet via both fiber optic cable systems to ensure maximum uptime and availability. Further, we have Comprehensive peering arrangements with other players in the industry to enhance availability and dependability.

Our customers enjoy the benefits of a global backbone, high-performance network architecture and industry-leading peering arrangements which together offer maximum site availability. The scalable Aryawebs Virtual Data Center network can handle the heaviest traffic loads.

Local Area Network

Within each Internet Data Center, we have designed the LAN network to scale to meet the increased bandwidth requirements of the customers. Aryawebs Virtual Data Center monitors its network on a continuous basis for packet loss, latency and round trip time intervals.

CPU utilization as well as output and Backplane utilization on all core routers and switches is monitored regularly. A variety of tools are utilized to achieve this, including Tivoli and MRTG. The LAN is based on Cisco switches and Lucent CAT 5 Enhanced structured cabling. Provisions are made to provide fibre cabling for gigabit Ethernet requirements in the near future.

Internet Bandwidth & Peering

Aryawebs Virtual Data Center proactively increases connectivity both domestically and internationally, either through comprehensive peering agreements or bandwidth acquisition.

Local Loop Connectivity

Local Loop connectivity is established through state of the art SDH standards based optical MUXs. This connectivity, initially at STM-1 speed (155 mbps) is between the Goregaon exchange and the Aryawebs Virtual Data Center facility. Diversity in fiber connectivity is achieved through a direct connection to Goregaon and a redundant fibre connection via the Marol exchange.

The MTNL RSU, adjacent to the Aryawebs Virtual Data Center facility, augments existing infrastructure. This RSU with SDH ring connectivity adds to the stability, capacity and reliability of Aryawebs Virtual Data Center’s WAN / Internet connectivity.

Aryawebs Virtual Data Center is in talks with other local loop providers in order to enhance reliability and ensure service provider redundancy. On commissioning of these links, Aryawebs Virtual Data Center will have 100% redundancy with respect to service providers.